TAMS Portfolio & Project Management Solution

Including integration to P6 Cloud, Ariba, PRISM and BIM

March 17, 2021


In today’s challenging economic times, investing scarce capital into the right projects is critical.

There is significant competitive advantage for organisations that integrate capital planning, budget control, project selection, and approval and management capabilities within their overall strategy. If they don’t, in the current economic environment, the consequences of inefficient project execution and resource control practices are dramatic.

Today, ineffective portfolio management has a broad and direct impact on corporate performance, including:

  • Clogged project pipelines
  • High project failure rate
  • Too few resources working on too many projects
  • Excessively long and manual capital budget approval processes
  • Lack of budget control at the project or portfolio level
  • Frequent budget overruns, especially towards the end of each project.
  • Lack of integration between systems with inconsistent, poor data quality resulting in ineffective decision making.

Organisations are now embracing TAMS Portfolio and Project Management Solution using enhanced SAP functionality with integration from SAP Portfolio & Project Management to P6 Cloud, Ariba, PRISM, BIM to effectively manage their project portfolios including shutdowns.

TAMS Differential

  • SAP PPM and PS – designed and configured
  • SAP Investment Management – providing budget capability integrated to PPM using a synchronisation engine.
  • Enhanced Procurement Manager (PROMAN)
  • Integration to P6 Cloud including risks and issues management.
  • Integration to PRISM, BIM, Ariba
  • Data capture in field using mobile devices.
  • Forecasting workbench
  • Project loader to rapidly create detailed projects including resource requirements.
  • Data model fully defined (can be added to)
  • Custom field enhancements and dropdown field validation
  • Reporting using Power BI, Analysis for Office, SAP Analytics and SAP ERP

TAMS take the guess work out of the equation by delivering a “best practice solution” with all the integration and data models pre-built. All that is required is to accommodate an organisations “GAPS” identified in “Design Phase” and update Workflow requirements, Change Management and Training deliverables.



  • Enterprise-level solution that helps effectively manage a range of portfolios within an organisation
  • Provides a complete view of all projects within an organisation
  • Gathering information from current project management, human resources, and financial systems, it provides the basis for portfolio analysis
  • Supports planning, monitoring, and managing all project activities across the entire enterprise
  • Improves project execution and reduces costs via integration of different back-end systems maintaining project relevant data


  • Successfully plan, monitor and manage progress of projects in the entire portfolio
  • Early identification of opportunities, bottlenecks, and risks
  • Increase organisational efficiency 


Leveraging our in-depth expertise, TAMS have developed the TAMS VALUE ADD SERVICE MODEL. Our model uses four easy steps to assist our clients evaluate new solutions and deliver faster business results: 1. Align, 2. Build 3 Change and 4. Deliver and Support 



SAP PPM can enable your organisation to dramatically improve efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity while reducing exposure to risks related to project failures. However, do not make the mistake of trying to implement a cookie-cutter solution that is ill-suited to your situation.

 A quality implementation will enable you to derive much greater value from your project portfolios. A poor approach can harm your organisation by increasing costs, wasting valuable time, and generating useless and inaccurate information. Invest the upfront effort it takes to identify and understand alternatives and to make the right choices for your organisation.